Street:  Nassau
Construct. Period:  1700-1724
Frame Material:  Wood
Roof:  Gable
Dormer Style:  Gable Dormer
Approx. Date:  1716
History:  William Timson, a planter, buit the original (center) section of this house around 1716. It was acquired in 1745 by carpenter James Wray, who added the left (shed) section around 1750. A 9-foot extension was added to the right of the house around 1820.
Structure:  The original section of the house was a story and one-half structure with a single room in each floor, an entrance between the two current front windows and a winding stairway in the left front corner. The right extension provided a new hallway and stairway, and the entrance was moved to this section. The left extension is two rooms deep.
Chimneys:  The house has a single chimney which was at the left end of the original sections, and is now between it and the left extension.