St. George Tucker
Street:  Nicholson
Construct. Period:  1775-1799
Frame Material:  Wood
Roof:  Gable
Dormer Style:  Gable Dormer
Approx. Date:  1790
History:  In 1788, St. George Tucker bought the property and moved the center structure, built around 1719, from Palace Street to its present location. He added the extensions between then and 1795.
Structure:  The house began as a story and one-half structure with a central hallway and staircase. It faced Palace Street. Tucker had it moved so as to face Market Square, where it became the central section of the current house, he then added a full second story to this section, attached one and a half story side wings, a lean-to at the back, and a kitchen with a covered way to the left (west). The central section has two front rooms with a hallway in between and a large back room or hall in the shed with side staircases.
Chimneys:  The house has interior chimneys between the central section and the side wings