Robert Carter
Street:  Palace
Construct. Period:  1725-1749
Frame Material:  Wood
Roof:  Mansard
Dormer Style:  None
Approx. Date:  1748
History:  Kenneth McKenzie, a physician, owned the house in 1751, when he sold it to the colony to house the governor while the palace was being repaired. Robert Carter III bought the house in 1761.
Structure:  This two-story house has an unusual design. Instead of a hallway through the center or end of the house, its centered entrance opens into an L-shaped hallway with a staircase to the right, and connecting through a narrower hallway to the rear of the house. There are two rooms on the left side of the house and one large room, probably a dining room, behind the staircase on the right.
Chimneys:  The house has two interior chimneys toward the center of the house. The left one provides fireplaces for the two left rooms, and the right one for the large room on the right.