Peyton Randolph
Street:  Nicholson
Construct. Period:  1750-1774
Frame Material:  Wood
Roof:  Mixed Style
Dormer Style:  None
Approx. Date:  1754
History:  The original house was built by William Robertson, clerk of the Council around 1715. Sir John Randolph owned the house from 1724 until his death in 1737. His son Peyton Randolph inherited the property and lived in it from 1745 until his death 1775. His widow continued to live in the house, but she relinquished it for a time so that it could be used by the Count of Rochambeau as his headquarters before the Yorktown battle.
Structure:  The original house, to the left, was built around 1715 as a two-story, two-room deep and two-room wide, square house with an entrance to the left (west). Around 1754, the original house was extended to the east through a two-story, one-room deep section, and a new entrance was provided on the front of this section. The new section provided an entrance hallway with stairs and a large room to the right on each floor. The abutting house to the east is considered to be a separate dwelling.
Chimneys:  The main house has two interior chimneys. The left one is set in the center between the four rooms of the original section, and the other one is at the right end of the extension.