John Blair
Street:  Duke of Gloucester
Construct. Period:  1750-1774
Frame Material:  Wood
Roof:  Gable
Dormer Style:  Hipped Dormer
Approx. Date:  1760
History:  This house was owned by John Blair, Jr. late in the eigthteenth century.
Structure:  This house probably started as a story and one-half, one-room deep structure with a central entrance and hallway and a staircase in the hallway. The house was later expanded to the left, following the same depth. A second entrance was added with this section, as well as a second staircase by the new left wall.
Chimneys:  The original house had two external chimneys like the one on the right. The left one became enclosed by the expansion and was enlarged so as to also serve the new room to the left.