James Geddy
Street:  Duke of Gloucester
Construct. Period:  1750-1774
Frame Material:  Wood
Roof:  Mixed Style
Dormer Style:  Gable Dormer
Approx. Date:  1762
History:  James Geddy, gunsmith, acquired the property in 1738. His son, James Geddy, Jr., silversmith, bought the property from his widowed mother in 1760, and probably built the present structure around 1762.
Structure:  This house has an unusual design. It is composed of a main two-story house and a story and one-half section, probably a shop, to the right. The main house has two front rooms and a central entance and hallway and a deep room behind the left front room, giving the house plan an "L" shape.
Chimneys:  The house has two interior chimneys. The left one is set in between the left rooms, and the right one serves the right room.