George Wythe
Street:  Palace
Construct. Period:  1750-1774
Frame Material:  Brick
Roof:  Hipped
Dormer Style:  None
Approx. Date:  1753
History:  This house was built around 1753 by planter and occasional builder Richard Taliaferro. His daughter Elizabeth and his son-in-law George Wythe moved into the house in 1755 and lived in it until 1791. Wythe was a judge and professor of Law at William and Mary. Washington used the house as his headquarters before the battle of Yorktown.
Structure:  This is a two-story, two-room deep house with a central entrance and hallway, and a staircase in the hallway.
Chimneys:  The house has two interior chimneys set between the front and rear rooms on each side, serving fireplaces in each of the four rooms.