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St. Polten Rathausplatz
Location:  St. Polten, Austria
Description:  This the city's main square, with its typical administrative, religious, and recreational uses. It is a rectangular space with its two main anchors on the short sides and 19th century town houses and shops framing the long sides. There is an underground car park below the entire square, accessible from the nearby streets. The center section flooring of the plaza is laid out with a distinctive herringbone pattern of light and dark granite tiles. A simpler granite floor patern is used along the edges, with outdoor cafes and access staircases to the underground parking.
Anchor:  Franciscan Church
Anchor:  Town Hall
History:  There has been a square at this location since the 1200's, and a town hall at the square since the 1500's. By 1995, the square space was mostly used for parking. It then underwent and extensive renovation by adding the underground parking, new flooring and innovative lighting.
Public Art:  Column of the Holy Trinity, a Baroque sandstone monument with a representation of the Trinity, erected in 1782.
Lighting:  Indirect lighting is used is used for the square and its buildings. There are rows of lighting masts along the edges of the square. Each mast has a set of spotlights aimed at a reflector screen at the top, which provides soft, diffuse lighting for the square. The light intensity can be regulated by how many of the spotlights are turned on. The buildings are lit using the same principle, with spotlights aimed at reflectors screens under cornices at building corners.
Photo source: © Wikipedia, Author: Ralf Roletschek