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Siena Piazza del Campo
Location:  Siena, Italy
Description:  The Campo plaza is shell-shaped, and it is surrounded by buildings of a consistent style. The shell is divided into two spaces, marked by an encircling row of shoulder-hight pillars. Around the outer level there are numerous outdoor cafes, restaurants and shops. The sloping inner section is paved with bricks. To accommodate the slope and curve of this section, the bricks were laid in herringbone pattern, a skill for which the Sienese became famous. By law, all the surrounding building facades are supposed to be finished in brick, and the windows are to follow the style of the central Palazzo Publico.
Anchor:  Palazzo Pubblico
History:  In 1194 a decision was made create an unpaved market in a sloping valley outside the walls of the city. This was the beginnings of the Campo. This field was large enough for all of the population of the surrounding villages to gather for the general assembly. In 1299 work began on the grand Palazzo Publico to close the sloping Campo. While the palace was under construction, the piazza was paved and re-designed into its present form.
Public Art:  Fountain
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