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Plaza de Catalunya
Location:  Barcelona, Spain
Description:  A large plaza that is considered to be both the center of the city and the place where the old city and the city expansions meet.
History:  After the medieval city walls were demolished in the 19th century, this location was conceived as a transition area between the old city and new developments, but the current plaza was not designed until the 1920's. It is now the nerve center of the city, where many of the main roads meet.
Transportation Connections:  The plaza has underground stops for the Barcelona Metro and two major rail lines.
Commercial Spots:  Corte Ingles Department Store, CafĂ© Zurich.
Public Art:  Several fountains and numerous statues.
Seating:  Benches and ledges.
Landscaping:  Trees and plants.
Photo Copyright  ©  Margarita Gavaldá Romagosa