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Nimes Place Maison Carree
Location:  Nimes, France
Description:  This plaza is considerd to be a successful example of the renovation of a public space in which new buildings and functions have enriched a traditional site. Architect Sir Norman Foster built a large new library and art gallery, which attracts the local public to the square. Although using new materials and style, the new building tries to be in harmony with existing structures in height and dimensions, and it is at a respectful distance from the Roman temple. The floor of yellow sandstone provides a unifying common framework for the whole area.
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Side view: 
Photo source: French EntrĂ©e © Office de Tourisme de Nimes
History:  The Maison Carree is a well-preserved Roman temple from the first century BC. It has been surrounded by different structures through the years. In 1984, it was decided that a new setting would be provided for the building. The new building and the plaza renovation were completed in1993.
Commercial Spots:  There are cafes and restaurants on the plaza edge behind the temple.
Seating:  Ledges and steps at the fronts of the library and the temple provide extensive sitting opportunities. Slab benches of yellow sandstone are also provided along some of the edges of the plaza.
Photo author: © Katherine Rodeghier, Website:

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