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Milan Piazza del Duomo
Location:  Milan, Italy
Description:  The Piazza del Duomo or Cathedral Plaza is the main city square of Milan. As the main city square, it has the usual religious and administrative functions, but the Galleria arcade also offers significant commercial space. The plaza is framed by the cathedral or duomo, the Galleria, and several palaces, some of which have been converrted into museums.
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History:  This area has been the center of the city since Roman times. During the Middle Ages it was the center of religious life of the the city due to the concentration of churches, and it was also the seat of government, at the Palazzo Vecchio Broletto (old palace of the comune). The shaping of the present plaza began in 1330 with the demolition of the taverns around the two central churches, Santa Maria Maggiore and Santa Tecla, to create a market square. A majestic new cathedral was built beginning in 1386, gradually englobing Santa Maria Maggiore. In 1458 Santa Tecla was demolished to create a larger square to fit the cathedral. The Palazzo Reale, which served as ducal and later as royal plalace was rebuilt around 1780 at the location of the Palazzo Vecchio Broletto. In 1861, the government of the city decided to redesign the plaza to honor King Victor Emmanuel II, king of Sardinia and first king of the unified Italy. This task was entrusted to architect Giuseppe Mengoni and the work was carried out between 1865 and 1873, which included the Galleria Victor Emmanuel II arcade and some of the other surrounding buildings. In 1896 a statue of King Victor Emmanuel II was built at the cener of the plaza.
Commercial Spots:  The Galleria arcade is a major commercial mall.
Public Art:  An equestrian statue of King Victor Emmanuel II is at the cener of the plaza.
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