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Lincoln Road Mall
Location:  Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Description:  The Lincoln Road Mall is a long linear mall. Here we have selected a section with key Art Deco buildings.
Anchor:  Lincoln Theater
Art Deco Buildings:  Woolworth-McDonalds Building, Chrysler-Apple Building, Cadillac-Guess Building
History:  Miami Beach was a major tourist destination through the early 60's, and Lincoln Road was its main street. The area then declined, until it was rediscovered as an architectural Art Deco gem during the 1970's. A large area, including Lincoln Road, has been designated a historic district. Lincoln Road was converted into a pedestrian mall in 1960.
Commercial Spots:  Starbucks, Apple store, Swarovski Crystal, Guess, Hagen-Dasz ice cream.
Public Art:  Flamingo Fountain
Events:  Farmers market every Sunday
Seating:  Ledges
Landscaping:  Lincoln Road Landscaping
Sources:  Richard and Valerie Beaubien, Discovering South Beach Deco, Miami Design Preservation League, Miami Beach Art Deco Guide.
Photo © Alfredo Romagosa