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Grand Central Terminal
Public Art:  Grand Central Clock. The station ceiling displays a painting depicting zodiac constellations with bulb-illuminated stars.
Location:  New York City, USA
Description:  The Grand Central Terminal serves over 700,000 passengers per day for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), and it is also a major commercial center. It also houses rairlroad-related educational facilities.
History:  The present Gran Central station was completed in 1913, replacing an earlier structure. Both were built by the New York Central railroad. The structure was inherited by the successors Penn Central, and Conrail. In 1975 MTA assumed major operating responsibility for the station, but Amtrak also used it for some of its trains. Amtrak moved all of its New York City operations to the Pennsylvania station in 1995, leaving MTA as the sole operator. Major restorations of the sation were carried out in the 1970's and in the 1990's, and future expansions are planned.
Transportation Connections:  The MTA Metro North railroad runs between 500 and 600 (mostly commuter) trains out the station 91 tracks every weekday.
Commercial Spots:  Oyster Bar and Restaurant, Cambell Apartment cocktail lounge, Apple Store, Grande Harvest Wines, Kidding Around Toys, Michael Jordan's The Steak House, Financier Patisserie, Eli Zabar's Farm to Table market.
Events:  Christmas Market and train show
Photo source: © Wikipedia, Original photography & stitching by Diliff, horiz. correction by Janke